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Compatibility Matters: Lessons from around the Country on Compatible Infill

On Oct. 17, 2016, Nore Winter , nationally recognized expert on compatible infill, talked about cities around the country that allow growth while protecting the character of existing neighborhoods

Nearly 200 attendees heard Nore Winter present and a panel of experts discuss and raise questions about his findings.   He showed how cities around the country are struggling to find an answer to how to handle growth without wrecking what makes them great.  If you didn't attend you can watch the video and read the PDF of the presentation:

Video of the Presentation
Video of the Panel Discussion
With thanks to the Architectural Heritage Center (Thomas Billison, video editor) and the U of O Portland Campus AV units for help preparing these videos.

The Powerpoint Presentation
(a PDF, 17MB, you'll need Adobe Acrobat to open this)