Preserving Affordable Houses Like This

Not Replacement Like This

Portland Together
Growing and Conserving Great Portland Places
Affordable House, Demolished, 2014
Mega-sized Replacement House, 2015
Statement of Principle
We believe that Portland must accommodate planned population growth through balanced policies that consider concerns and needs of people of all income levels and across Portland's diverse and treasured "complete neighborhoods".  This will be accomplished best and most economically and environmentally responsibly by minimizing destruction of existing relatively affordable housing, leveraging Portland's fine transit system, and adhering to the principles set out in the 2035 Comprehensive Plan.
About This Organization
We are an ad hoc, grass roots group dedicated to accommodating Portland's expected growth in ways that retain the best of what makes Portland unique and respects the concerns of a broad spectrum of our residents.  Our volunteer membership includes individuals active in United Neighborhoods for Reform, the Portland Coalition for Historic Resources, various local preservation organizations, neighborhood associations, and other concerned Portlanders.