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Someone has set up a web URL pointing to this site.  In response we can only quote the legendary urbanist Jane Jacobs:

“... communities that want a certain thing are derided for saying ‘not in my back yard.’ If you listen to ‘not in my back yard’ people, their objection is often to something that shouldn’t be in anybody’s back yard. What has been proposed should be done differently."

For more about Jane Jacobs and further insight into how to preserve livable, equitable communities in Portland see:

HB 2007 Emergency!

We hope to promote a better, more sustainable Portland by...
A Trojan Horse!  A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing!  Both of these apply to HB 2007, a power grab by developers, masquerading as an "Affordable Housing" bill.  Despite a few good features from an earlier draft of the bill, most of it now is aimed at giving developers a free hand to build what they want, where they want -- regardless of current zoning, comprehensive planning or historic resource protections.

What will result won't be affordable!  See more here.

  • Creating complete neighborhoods in areas lacking them

  • Protecting, preserving, and enhancing Portland's existing complete neighborhoods as they accommodate growth

  • Maintaining Portland's treasure of private green space, which combines with our street tree canopy to provide the "lungs" of the city

  • Promoting home ownership across the economic spectrum through a range of housing types geared to owner occupancy, not corporate investment ownership by preserving existing older homes throughout the city

  • Realizing the Goals and Policies of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan that focuses development and growth in centers and transit corridors while protecting single family neighborhoods

  • Relying on sound economics and successful pilot projects to achieve the City's goals

Compatibility Matters: Lessons from around the Country on Compatible Infill

A presentation and public conversation about compatible infill featuring Nore Winter, nationally recognized leader in the field.  Learn how cities like Los Angeles, Denver, Charlotte, and others have been dealing with infill and growth since long before it became an issue in Portland.

For the Video and Presentation Materials See our Events Page